Bitcoin Exchange Relai Integrates Lightning Network For Its 100,000 European Users

Relai, the Swiss-based Bitcoin app with a self-custody wallet, has announced a new partnership with Blockstream and Breez to integrate the Lightning Network into its platform, benefiting over 100,000 European users, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

The Lightning Network offers a scalable solution to facilitate fast and low-cost transactions, making Bitcoin more suitable for everyday use. By leveraging Lightning, Relai aims to streamline Bitcoin payments for its growing user base, empowering them to send and receive bitcoin directly to their wallets in a self-custodial manner.

“Bitcoin is sound money. Lightning is the future of Bitcoin,” said Relai CEO Julian Liniger. “It’s how money will be moved around the world in the 21st century. That’s why Lightning is a strategic focus of Relai and will be integral to our mission of bringing BTC to millions of people quickly, easily, and securely!”

Partnering with industry giants Blockstream and Breez, Relai aims to ensure seamless integration and optimal user experience. Blockstream’s Greenlight cloud nodes and Breez SDK’s Lightning Service Providers (LSPs) enable Relai to offer Lightning’s benefits while maintaining non-custodial control over users’ funds.

The integration of Lightning into Relai’s platform is just the beginning of its product expansion and European expansion plans, according to the release. Relai aims to obtain the MiCA license to extend its services throughout Europe, marking a big step towards its goal of making Bitcoin accessible to millions of users across the continent.