LIVE – MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations Day 2

Microstrategy’s annual Bitcoin for Corporations conference has kicked off its second day, featuring conversations with leading finance, regulatory and fintech professionals on the future of corporate Bitcoin adoption.

Discussions will center around the financial implications of the recently approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States, the changing regulatory landscape for Bitcoin, as well as catalysts for other firms to follow MicroStrategy in pursuing their own Bitcoin strategy.

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Day 2 Agenda Highlights

Bitcoin and Wall Street – 10:00am PDT

Bitcoin has arrived on Wall Street – but how does this affect portfolio allocation, risk analysis, and investment criteria? Hear first-hand how institutions interpret Bitcoin and the role it will play in financial markets, and how traditional finance organizations are adjusting.


Phong Le (Moderator), President & Chief Executive Officer, MicroStrategyMatt Horne, Head of Business Development, Fidelity Digital Asset ManagementHunter Horsley, CEO & Co-Founder, Bitwise Asset ManagementPuneet Singhvi, Head of Digital Assets, Citibank

Regulatory Roundtable: Shaping Digital Assets — 2:00pm PDT

Regulatory and legal frameworks are essential for any emerging asset class. The digital asset landscape is constantly evolving from regulatory, legal, and accounting standards. Stay at the top of emerging legislation, and acceptance from governments and regulatory authorities.


Ming Shao (Moderator), Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel, MicroStrategyDax Hanse, Partner, Fintech, Perkins CoieNeel Maitra, Partner, Fintech, DechertAmy Park, Partner, US Audit & Assurance Blockchain & Digital, Deloitte

MicroStrategy Playbook for Corporates – 3:00pm PDT

MicroStrategy is the first public company to adopt bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset. Hear from MicroStrategy’s senior leadership on the opportunities, considerations, and catalysts for other corporates to follow MicroStrategy’s open sourced playbook.


Michael J Saylor, Executive Chairman, MicroStrategyAndrew Kang, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, MicroStrategyPhong Le, President & Chief Executive Officer, MicroStrategy

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Bitcoin for Corporations Day 1 Highlights

Bitcoin for Corporations Day 1 made headlines when MicroStrategy announced its new enterprise platform for building decentralized identity applications on the Bitcoin blockchain.

MicroStrategy EVP of Engineer Cezary Raczko explained: “Custodial or non-custodial, the obvious thing is every Bitcoin wallet out there should incorporate the capability of creating a Bitcoin-based digital identity. Many messaging platforms suffer from the same challenges that email does. When you get a text message, how do you know the person who sent you the text message… We would want to include an orange check for these different messaging platforms.” 

JUST IN: MicroStrategy launches an enterprise platform for building decentralized identity applications on #Bitcoin — MicroStrategy Orange 👀

— Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) May 1, 2024

Day 1 also featured “Building on Bitcoin”, a conversation between Michael Saylor and Lightspark CEO David Marcus as the pair discussed the advent of the Bitcoin Lightning Network to enable near-instant final settlement of bitcoin and other assets between counterparties. Marcus also made note of his view that Bitcoin is the only logical monetary medium for artificially intelligent agents.

JUST IN: Former PayPal President David Marcus says #Bitcoin is “going to be the native currency of AI” 👀

— Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) May 2, 2024

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